Painting Dead By Daylight Board Game Miniatures & Accessories

June 16, 2023 By joseph Off
Dead By Daylight Board Game Hex Totem Miniature

How To Paint Dead By Daylight Board Game Miniatures

With the recent release and shipment of the new Dead by Daylight Board Game, excitement among fans has never been higher. The game itself is awesome to play, and after several play tests with a few groups of friends it’s definitely a game we’ll keep going back to. But it’s the miniatures themselves are really  amazing. Finally our tabletops can be lined with Dead by Daylights iconic character cast. And we’re putting together several in depth guides to help you with getting everything painted & gaming ready. We’ll have a how to guide for painting survivors, killers & crafting additional accessories.

Painting Your Dead By Daylight Board Game Miniature & Scenery

Painting Dbd Board Game Miniature Generators

First, you want to make sure that the pieces are clean. Using dish soap and water, we recommend thoroughly cleaning & drying everything. Once dry, use a good spray paint primer and apply thin coats allowing to dry in between to ensure the generators and completely covered but don’t over apply the primer or you’ll lose on on some of the finer details. Allow to fully dry before painting again.

Dead By Daylight Board Game Miniature Generator Primed White Primer

Now you can start adding your yellows, green for the air filter, copper on the wire tips, and any black wires, tires & any other details. Then go ahead and paint that engine cover red. (or whatever color you wish) After applying a few coats there, begin adding silver to all the metal areas. A couple light coats or even dry brushing should to it. After that, touch up any areas that you need to and you’re ready to move onto weathering if you so choose, though I highly recommend doing that for these.

Next we began adding in Nightmare Gray to the most areas of the generator while trying to avoid the top red engine cover. The areas we wanted silver/metallic we also painted gray. We’ll coat over those areas with Nightmare Silver later. Get underneath as much as you can too. Those spots become a nightmare to reach once everything’s already painted. Trust us on that one as we know from personal experience. Once you’ve allowed plenty of time to dry your ready for the next step.

How To Paint Dead By Daylight Board Game Miniature Generator
Dead By Daylight Dbd Painting Mini Generators With Grass Ground Effects

Weathering and using an acrylic paint wash can really help with making it look more realistic. We used our black, brown and green paint washes to get the effects we were looking for. Basing effects and miniature texture paints will add further detail. We used the new Nightmare Rough ground on the base. Once dry, paint any of the shown rocks with a gray paint & add grasses.

BONUS: As a little something extra and to give our generators some uniqueness, we painted each of the top side wires a different color on each one. This could lead to some interesting custom game modes, additional characters & perks. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Different Color Wires Dead By Daylight Dbd Board Game Mini Generators

Painting Dead By Daylight Miniature Hooks

After washing the dbd miniature hooks, they were then primed white and based with Nightmare Rough Ground texture paint. Once dry, they’re ready for some Nightmare Landscapes base color coats.

Dead by Daylight Board Game Miniature Hooks Primed

Soon to be updated

Soon to be updated. Will update shortly.

Dead by Daylight Board Game Miniature Hooks Prime

Soon to be updated

Dead by Daylight Board Game Miniature Hook Silver

How To Make A Miniature Dbd Hex Totem

You’ve got a few options when it comes to making your own dead by daylight miniature hex totem for use with the dbd board game. If you have a 3d printer, you can find a couple lower quality files out there. Or you can do a scratch build or combination of both, so it’s up to you. Once you’ve got your gameplan, you can proceed to the next step. If 3d printing, just print & paint.

Dbd Board Game How To Make A Hex Totem Miniature
Dead By Daylight Board Game Hex Totem Miniature

For this hex totem, we used a combination of various 3d printed bits, some string and a few toothpicks. To get started, here’s what you need:

  • Skulls
  • Bones
  • String
  • Glue
  • (optional) potions, feathers, candles

Submit Your Dbd Board Game Miniature Photos

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