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Crafting Realistic Miniature Bases: The Best Basing Materials

August 8, 2023 By joseph Off

Creating stunning miniatures is a rewarding hobby that allows enthusiasts to bring their imagination to life. One crucial aspect of miniature crafting is the basing material, which provides a foundation for the miniature and sets the scene for the story it tells. Whether you’re a…

How To Use Paint Washes & Shades On Your Miniatures

December 4, 2022 By joseph Off

Applying paint washes to your miniatures is an easy quick way to instantly add shades & depth to your piece. It’s also one of the most enjoyable experiences in the painting process. This works by applying the wash generously to the piece. The miniature paint…

Painting Model Figures Miniatures & Tabletop Scenery

October 15, 2022 By joseph Off

Painting Model Figures & Miniature Scenery: Since painting model figures are no different from painting any other object, there is no need for apprehension. Knowledge, analysis, observation skills, and patience make up the mental toolset that will lead to success. Your physical tools for creating…