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Get ready to unleash chaos and wreak havoc in the post-apocalyptic wasteland with Gaslands, the tabletop game of high-octane vehicular mayhem! In this adrenaline-pumping game, players take control of toy cars transformed into deadly war machines, racing and battling their way through the desolate remains of civilization. Are you prepared to ram, skid, race, and shoot your rivals to be the ultimate survivor?

Discover our vast selection of tabletop game products designed to enhance your gaming experience

Gaslands Vehicle Upgrades:

Amp up your vehicles with an extensive range of upgrade options. From devastating weaponry and armor plating to spiked wheels, you’ll find everything you need to create a fearsome war machine.


Immerse yourself in the wasteland with our collection of themed accessories. From terrain sets and burnt-out buildings to scatter terrain and debris markers, these props will add a realistic touch to your battleground.


Looking for unique drivers and crew members? Explore our collection of Gaslands-themed miniatures, each with its distinct style and personality.

Gaslands Terrain Building Kits:

Craft your custom wasteland with our terrain building kits. Create barriers, ramps, and obstacles to strategize your way to victory.

Join the mayhem and let your imagination run wild as you navigate the treacherous wasteland, smashing through debris and outmaneuvering your opponents in this tabletop world of vehicular destruction. Embrace the chaos and create epic memories today! Nightmare Landscapes is a licensed merchant for Gaslands weapons, terrain, scenery, accessories & more!


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