4x Miniature Billboards For Tabletop Game Terrain Scenery


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You will receive the 4x billboard terrain pieces shown. Pieces can easily be glued together and primed prior to painting. Great for Gaslands, but can work with a variety of tabletop games, dioramas & more!


For Billboard ads, scale your chosen artwork to the following sizes:

  • Small 4×3 = 70mm x 50mm
  • Mid 1×2 = 110mm x 50mm
  • Wide 5×2 = 140mm x 50mm
  • Extra Wide 14×48 = 190mm x 50mm


To apply, cut our artwork from paper then apply a thin layer of pva glue to the billboard and attach paper. You can also use a glue stick prior to cutting out the artwork to add additional strength and improved look.


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