Dried Blood Red Miniature Paint Wash 30ml



Our line of miniature paint washes contain high end paints, inks and other ingredients that result in a unique type of wash that can instantly add depth and shade to your projects. One coat will make your miniatures terrain & scenery really stand out.

Dried Blood Red Acrylic Paint Wash

Introducing our Nightmare Dried Blood Red Miniature Acrylic Paint Wash. A nightmarish elixir that brings a sinister and spine-chilling touch to your tabletop miniatures. Embrace the macabre allure of this dark and haunting paint wash, designed to add depth and dread to your gaming pieces. The versatility of our Nightmare Dried Blood Red wash knows no bounds. Use it to accentuate the details of armor, clothing, and weaponry, imparting a ghastly, weathered appearance. Or apply it to create gory wounds and haunting effects, unleashing a chilling presence upon your gaming table.

Our 30ml bottle ensures that you have ample supply for all your painting endeavors, allowing you to explore the depths of horror across your entire miniature collection. The quick-drying and long-lasting formula guarantee that your nightmares will endure, captivating gamers and enthusiasts with their haunting allure. Nightmare Landscapes dried blood red wash is a growing favorite among our customers and product influencers and for good reason. You can very quickly add unique red blood flesh colors to your miniatures. Simply apply generously to the chosen areas and let dry for about 15 minutes. You can finish up by adding additional colors and highlights if desired. All our miniature acrylic paints & washes mix well with each other in addition to most other brands of paint. We do recommend doing small tests first to ensure compatibility.


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