Nightmare Landscapes Miniature Painting Starter Set



Nightmare Landscapes Miniature Painting Starter Set

Vivid Pigments With Endless Possibilities: With 14 vibrant 30ml Miniature Acrylic Paints, your artistic palette will knows no bounds. Experience the thrill of wielding hues that span the spectrum, transforming your miniatures into striking pieces of artistry.

Subtle Depths & Masterful Shading: Add depth and character to your creations with 6 30ml Miniature Acrylic Washes. Elevate your painting prowess as you master the art of shading, allowing your miniatures to embody the atmosphere and mystique of the worlds they inhabit.

Color Precision with Mixing Balls: The 20 included Mixing Balls are the secret to achieving impeccable consistency in your paint mixes. Elevate your craft with perfectly blended colors that enhance your miniature’s details, textures, and overall aesthetics.

Immerse Yourself in Darkness: The Nightmare Landscapes Miniature Painting Starter Set is your gateway to crafting a world of eerie beauty and haunting allure. Let your imagination run wild as you conjure landscapes that evoke both terror and wonder, capturing the very essence of the unknown.



  • 14x 30ml Miniature Acrylic Paints (black, white, blue, red, green, orange, purple, yellow, tan, brown, gray, silver, gold & copper)
  • 6x 30ml Miniature Acrylic Washes (black, white, blue, brown, green & red)
  • 20x Mixing Balls
  • Multiple Paint Brushes


Note: This currently ships as an individual product bundle. Retail display box packaging is expected soon


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