How To Use Paint Washes & Shades On Your Miniatures

December 4, 2022 By joseph Off
How To Use Miniature Paint Washes & Shades For Miniatures

Applying paint washes to your miniatures is an easy quick way to instantly add shades & depth to your piece. It’s also one of the most enjoyable experiences in the painting process. This works by applying the wash generously to the piece. The miniature paint wash will flow off any high or raised areas to deep down in the cracks and crevasses. This also greatly reduces the total time you’d spend adding these details & shades by hand.

Black & brown miniature paint washes are the most popular & probably what you’ll be using the most, but there’s a whole world of colors and shades too choose from. By thinking outside the box a little, you can transform your miniatures to a whole new level. 

Speed Painting With Miniature Paint Washes

Speed painting with washes is another great use to quickly get through multiple figures at once or entire armies within hours. You can start by priming your miniatures, usually a white. Then generously apply your wash everywhere, and once dry your finished!

Airbrush & Miniature Paint Washes

Did you know you can use miniature paint washes with an airbrush? You can, but the results may be different than what you’d expect. This is because the wash will stay everywhere on the surface area, unless you’re applying very heavily. By using a wash with an airbrush, it becomes more of a glaze but it can lead to some awesome results.

Using an airbrush with miniature paint washes

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