Nightmare Landscapes Is Now A Friend Of Planet Smasher Games

April 2, 2023 By joseph Off
friends of gaslands

You may have noticed that we’ve recently started selling miniatures for tabletop games like Gaslands, A Billion Suns, Perilous Tales & more. That’s because we’re now a Friend of Planet Smasher Games. What does that mean? It means Nightmare Landscapes is now able to create & sell miniatures & terrain for games these awesome tabletop games. You’ll also start to see more how to videos & guides on creating your own sick builds. To get you started, we’ve put together a little guide to so you’re Gaslands tabletop ready!

How To Create Your Own Gaslands Battle Ready Vehicles

Wesardry Gaslands Tabletop Game Car Rocket Build

Building your own miniature combat vehicles can be intimidating if you’re new to the crafting world. Some tabletop games like Gaslands don’t provide any cars so you’re left with a few options to get started playing. 

Gaslands Straight Out Of The Package Cars

It’s exactly what it sounds. With this method you’re game ready in seconds. Maybe longer if you need scissors. Not the most realistic way to play but it works, and as long as you’re having fun who cares Right!….right?

Buy A Custom Modded Miniature Combat Vehicle Online

Want a cool tabletop ready miniature car with cool weapons and an awesome paint job? There’s always the option of just buying it online. It’s a fast, easy way build up a collection. The only real downside to this would be that it might be hard to find exactly what your looking for. You might like the build, but hate the paint job at which point you’d have to:

  • make the changes yourself
  • get custom work done
  • live with the suffering of your miniature being slightly away from your version of perfection. 

All that said, the opposite is also true, such as the case with Gaslands NorCal. Here you’ll find awesome apocalyptical combat vehicles that you never knew you wanted.  You can get custom work done here at great prices too.

Build Your Own Gaslands Miniature Vehicles Of Destruction

Ready to take on the challenge & turn your vision to life. Wes over at Wesardry & Chris from Gaslands NorCal channels on Youtube can get you there. No matter your style, inspiration is sure to be found here along with excellent tips & tricks. Be sure to subscribe to both so you don’t miss out! We also  carry a growing assortment of miniature weapons & tabletop scenery for Gaslands available in your choice of material & scale size. 

Check out the latest build from Wes and see how he chopped up 3x different vehicles to create something truly unique.